Food for thought

09 Aug 2020

Your business logic is the weakest link in Low-Code security

Over the past 5 years [interest in low-code increased 100 folds](
25 May 2020

Highly available Kubernetes with batteries for small business

Kindie (**K**ubernetes **Indi**vidual) is an opinionated Kubernetes cluster setup for individuals or small business. B...
10 May 2020

Speed up docker builds with distcc, ccache and kubernetes

For a recent project I had to write my own Orthanc plugin. To build this plugin I needed to build [Orthanc](https://www...
17 Jun 2019

Unlock Mac with Apple Watch stopped working

Occasionally my auto unlock Mac with Apple watch stops working. There are workaround instructions to "repair" this issu...
29 May 2019

Debug shell script error: not found

Automation engineers often have boring tasks. Their job is to automate repetitive tasks. In the early days of Unix and ...