Mysterious Ipad screen mirror app detected by PSI Secure browser

If you’re in a rush for the solution, jump to the bottom of this page.

Recently I had my CKS (Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist) exam via the PSI platform. A few weeks earlier when I scheduled the exam I made sure to run the system check because I had troubles with these in the past with my macbook (OSX). I don’t recall which exam platform it was.

10 minutes before the scheduled exam I opened the PSI portal to start the check-in process. To my surprise, I had to install the PSI Secure Browser program. At first, I thought it was no big deal. Then I got stuck on the Security check phase where it claims I have an application active called ipad screen mirror.

I tried:

  • Pressing the Terminate all apps button which killed all apps with the exception of this ipad screen mirror app
  • find it in the force close dialog and the activity app. Could not identify the process for termination
  • Then I realized I tried iPad as an external monitor in the past. So tried turning off my iPad completely. That did not help
  • There’s no way to break the link in the Display section of System Preferences.
  • As a last resort, I rebooted the macbook. That also didn’t help.
  • Obviously, I also tried looking for answers on Google without any luck. All results were related to ipad screen mirroring. Not even if I include “PSI” in the query.


As I ran out of ideas and I was 20 minutes late for my exam already, I decided to call PSI support. 5 minutes in I managed to speak to technical support. Following the standard procedures from the friendly support engineer we accidentally found the solution:

  • Turn off bluetooth
  • Reboot
  • Relaunch the exam

(I suspect above was the solution, didn’t get a chance to double check it cause I was running late for my exam)

At 40min late, I finally got through the security check. The proctor (PSI) didn’t refuse me and I finally started my exam 1 hour later than planned.

Hope this is useful to others in the future and takes away some stress.